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6 - Feroniba's new projects

5 - Angel Amadeus about Angela (referring to article 3 - Angela) - 2012-1-24, 3:47 Vancouver
Channeling with medium Miriam - Amadeus says that Angela will help me to attain higher spheres, she will lead me through all paths of the temple. With her help I will gain the highest level of dreaming. Meeting her is from the spirit point of view the highest experience you can achieve - hearing her voice.
I asked him why she asked me: "ok?" Amadeus explained that this was a sign of respect, asking me if I want to contact her in this way - an act of courtesy.
I asked where the place is where I met her, he said it was directly in paradise. And all the voices I heared before meeting her, too. The appreciate my purity and like to have a chat.

4 - Short Episodes - 2012-1-20, 23:45 Vancouver
Lucid dream - Practicing lucid dreaming: walking, running, driving & flying through cities, trying to meet Angela again.

3 - Angela - 2012-1-18, 11:40 Vancouver
Lucid dream - Before staring lucid dreaming, my aim was to contact a master of lucid dreaming in a lucid dream and to learn how to hear his voice or even be able to see him in the normal waking state. First I entered lucid dreaming and heared a female voice, right next to me coming through my left ear, surrounded by many other voices which revealed interest in establishing the desired contact. I demanded purity of love in relation to God, and the female voice persisted. I wished to see her, and immediately I saw myself lying in a bed in a big room, and she came in at the foot of my bed, and asked: "ok"? I laughed, understanding that she meant she could appear in another shape if I wish, but of course I accepted her appearence. She was about 40 years old, blond, about 1,75 m high, blue or green eyes, and smiled in a very lovely way, friendly, intelligent, and peaceful. I asked for her name, she answered: Angela (like angle - a, accentuation on e). They were talking German. She left the room, and I studied the surrounding area. The houses were built from artful red clay bricks, with many small figures and shapes on each brick, in such a variety that I couldn't recognize a scheme, each brick seemed to be different from the others, and individual. It seemed to be the Middle Ages, the buildings, dresses etc.


2 - Bernstein & Mozart - 2012-1-16, 11:50 Vancouver
Dream - Leonard Bernstein was teaching me how to play and analyze Mozart's piano concerto no. 20 in D Minor. His teaching was multidimensional. We were playing it in a squarish park, and in the center of the park was a chess board, about 4 square meter  big. I played with my fingers on that chess board, augmenting my fingers to that size. Piano keys are black and white and cover 8 octaves, similar to the chess board which has 8 rows of black and white fields. Simultaniously Bernstein explained to me all objects in the park as a direct manifestation of the deepest meaning of the concerto and its themes. He ran around and pointed on the objects in the park. I started to ran towards him to see the details, and he criticized me to be careful while running through the park, not destroying the ground and flowers.


1 - Guidance Book - 2012-1-10, 11:10 Vancouver
Dream - Due to natural disasters and other problems we had to sleep on the asphalt street bridge. Suddenly a car came so close, handed me a small package and kicked me off the street bridge. I and the girl sleeping next to me with a separate bedding had to fly and land. I remembered where our group was lying, landed and opened the package - it was an instruction guide book, mixed texts and pictures. They were designed kind of mystical, but for me easy to understand. I just could realize them all, as they were guiding us throught all our life images. We walked back to our group which location I remembered.


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