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Feroniba is a disciple of God, Jesus and the archangel Gabriel, following the Holy Bible. He is in contact with God and angels since 1980. After studying and practicing different religions and paths he got baptized 2013 by Torben Sondergard, the founder of The Last Reformation, a free christian community. Under the guidance of God and the angels Feroniba founded together with the Terasof group menbers the society and association Terasof, which is practicing a community life devoted to God, Jesus, the archangel Gabriel and all supportive persons.

1. Always love all as a part of God without exception.

2. In this conditioned realm love always has two sides: kindness and strictness, it can rescue or destroy, band together or separate. It always teaches and associates the loving and separates the separative, using all ways and means. The end justifies the means.

3. Find out the highest good in every single moment and act upon that.

4. Always try to follow your inner nature.

5. Learn to be led by your intuition, not your mind and intelligence, they are restricting. Train your intuition by meditation, prayer, concentration etc.

6. Analyze your dreams and follow their meanings.

7. Manifest goodness and beauty all around you - religios life devoted to God and Jesus, love, peace, freedom, harmony, care, justice, purity, cleanliness, orderliness, character, nativeness etc.

8. Be efficient and effective, never waste energy, time, nerves etc.

9. Always be a role model.

10. Be prepared to share with those who are more in need than you.

11. Never sell or deal with love. Love can only be shared. Love is a gift from the pure heart.

12. Watch out - they will hate you for all this! Never give up! Be brave!


Jesus Christ                      Joan of Arc                           Moses  


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